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I finally decide to write another journal entry. My last one was about technology but wow, now I'm really "advanced" in technology with a smartphone and a DSLR with fairly expensive lens. However, this entry isn't about technology, it's about my trip to New York (like how I wrote journal entries when I went to China!) This is only my second day, but my first impressions are New Yorkers (is that what you call them, sounds funky), are aggressive in driving, so much honking. Actually they're not only aggressive in driving, but also when serving (or maybe just the service of that restaurant was bad because when I asked for water, they pretended to not hear/see me and when they finally decided to answer, they complained in an aggressive tone. Happened again when I asked for a bowl of something and they just ignore me so we decided to tip them only 10 percent.) Anyways, New York is congested as heck, so many people (which is great for street photography, but crappy when you have to be positioned shoulder to shoulder with someone) and the roads are so curvy... Also didn't see many bike lanes, but did see planes and helicopters flying so low in the sky which looks great. Hobos also have bad signs here; one said "God says you should help me, need $80 to go back home." Also, kept getting grabbed by those people in costumes and tour guide advertisers. One person offered us bikes to ride around the park and I was like sorry, we don't know how to ride bikes and he replied "that is the worst excuse ever," and walks away lol. Yea just ranting now, but tonight was fun, minus the subway. New York subways don't have maps (or at least ones that are easy to read,) and they don't announce what the next stop is (or the old ones) and so we got lost for a good hour. Yea... :D
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YoruNoKatana Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
:'D man that sounds like an adventure. explains the nature of my aunt...:'D rather, BOTH aunts.
sevencube3 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Life in New York sounds pretty hard; I don't think I would be able to survive for a long time there…
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June 16, 2014


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